Hi we are Melly and Martin. Photographers, wedding guides, culture-lovers and we have a big faible for boho- and rustic stuff. We value honesty, authenticity and heartfelt emotion. We love to travel, explore new destinations and meet new people - but we also love spending quality time with our family and friends.

We love life and the moments when we get the feeling of freedom and the possibility to enjoy it. Exploring the nature is amazing and we like the ocean, sunsets, and to stand on the top of a mountain. We’re obsessed with endless summers and so the cold time. The music of Billie Eilish gives us all the good vibez and we could listen to her voice all day long.

We believe, as soon as you start dreaming

together, reality begins.

A Friend

We are a friend. If you book us, this is something you will come to know first hand

We don't frankly care if we have never met you before, or if you're

halfway across the country. If you're investing in us, we are investing in you!

We won't talk in a kiss ass sort of way, we will talk to you like we have

know you for ages. It's simply just the way we are.